As a Partner of ‘The Appy Way’, you will distribute ‘The Appy Way’ loyalty cards to your supporters who commit to fundraising on your behalf.

The loyalty cards distributed will carry your organization or groups unique identification number.
This number will be automatically generated and saved each time you are able to secure an individuals registration to the ‘Appy App’.

Unique Identifcation Number

On securing a registration, the unique identification number will ensure you will receive all loyalty payments in relation to each specific loyalty card.

Exciting Opportunities

Become a Valued Partner of 'The Appy Way' and unlock exciting opportunities for your local good causes, charities, schools, and sports clubs.

Discover the Benefits?

By teaming up with us, you'll distribute exclusive 'The Appy Way' loyalty cards to your dedicated supporters. These cards will showcase your organisation's unique identification number, meticulously generated and securely stored whenever an individual registers on the 'Appy Way App'.

Secure Benefits

When a registration is achieved, your distinctive identification number guarantees that all loyalty payments linked to each loyalty card will flow directly to you. 

Enjoy Lucrative Rewards

Prepare to reap the rewards! When these loyalty cards are presented for purchases via the 'Appy Website,' the 'Appy App,' the 'Appy Kiosk,' or the 'Appy Till' at participating food and beverage outlets, you're entitled to a generous loyalty payment. This payment is a percentage of each transaction fee, a surefire way to bolster your fundraising efforts.

Partner with Us Today!

Seize the opportunity to enhance your donations permanently by joining hands with ‘The Appy Way.’ Let’s create positive change together. 


Intuitive and User-Friendly Design

Search, Order and Navigate through our app with ease. Effortless app features and seemless reward system

Wide Partner Network

Make purchases and reap the rewards at a range of participating food and beverage outlets.

Increase Funding

Using the loyalty scheme, you can generate a constant stream of donations with our unique identifier





If you’re eager to receive donations for your good cause, school, charity, sports club, church, or any other local organisation, using ‘The Appy Way’ is the smart choice. With every purchase your supporters make, they become a vital part of a charitable ecosystem. Whether it’s a food order via The Appy website, Appy Way App, Appy Way Kiosk, or Appy Way Till, every transaction benefits local organisations. Your supporters not only enjoy great satisfaction but also contribute to your fundraising journey!


Ready to make a difference while enjoying a seamless and rewarding user experience? Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of something bigger. Download the 'Appy Way App' today and step into a world where every purchase contributes to meaningful causes. With our intuitive design, secure payment options, and real-time tracking, you'll find giving back has never been easier or more fulfilling. So why wait? Click the download button now


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